Our curriculum is designed with the intent to produce competent, ambitious students who can apply science to their everyday lives. Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum. 

Science is a very real subject that impacts on students’ everyday lives.  We aim to produce students who can see science all around them; who can apply their learning in the classroom to what’s happening to them, and everything around them.  We want to produce the scientists of the future!

In Year 7 we learn about the ‘Fundamental principles’ of Science; cells, atoms and energy; before ‘Extending into life’ in Year 8.  In Year 9 we revisit and ‘Develop the fundamentals’ in depth, interleaving key Working Scientifically and science vocabulary with key concepts to give greater understanding and appreciation of science.  This spirals deeper as Yr10 and 11 unwind where students learn how to apply their understanding of science to unusual concepts thereby empowering them to be the scientists of our future.


Subject Documents Date  
Science National Curriculum Links 12th Jul 2021 Download
Science Curriculum Map 29th Sep 2021 Download