Our Ten Non-negotiables

1. Be kind to others, polite and respectful to all and respect the school’s policy on Equal Opportunities because everybody has the right to feel valued, confident and safe.
2. Respect other peoples’ views, opinions and cultures. It is unacceptable to make offensive comments. Be kind.
3. Stand up to bullying and report incidents of bullying because nobody should feel scared or uncomfortable in our school community. We all should feel safe. Do not turn a blind eye.
4. Use social media responsibly and positively because the abuse of social media can have long term, negative effects. Don’t be responsible for making somebody else feel ‘bad’. 
5. Place all rubbish in the bins and encourage others to do the same because it is important that we work in a clean environment and we are proud of our school community.
6. Behave sensibly and maturely when travelling to and from school because you are an Orchard’s student and you carry our ethos. Members of the community will know who you are. You are ORCHARDS and believe in our values - Organised, Responsible, Considerate, Hardworking, Ambitious, Resilient, Determined, Self-confident
7. Wear your uniform correctly at all times because it shows you take pride in your appearance and recognise you are working in a professional, formal environment. It maximises learning time as conversations about not doing the right thing are minimised.
8. ​Be responsible and ensure you are fully prepared for the day ahead by having the correct equipment, completing homework and using your planner effectively because these good habits will maximise learning time minimise conversations about not meeting expectations.
9. Move quickly and quietly and safely to lessons because you need to maximise learning time and being punctual will do this.
10. Be on task in all lessons and focus because it shows you are committed to achieving and exceeding your potential and allows everybody the opportunity to learn.