Posted on: April 23rd 2021

Cultural Capital Day for Year 8

On 23rd April Orchards Year 8 students participated in a Shakespeare Cultural Capital day to celebrate Shakepeare's birthday.

The days learning was shaped by cross curricular activities which included Art, History, English, Expressive Arts and Food.

Starting with the history of Shakespeare, students compared Elizabethan England to the modern day and the different ways of life. They moved onto the development of the English language with students guessing between Hip-hop lyrics or Shakespeare’s words before using Shakespearean insults on one another. It was rewarding to hear the students engage in English and History in such a creative way.

Students then competed against each other in 'Tudor Master Chef' having to stick to a budget and use Tudor ingredients to come up with some very tasty recipes.

We wrapped up the day with Art where students decorated images of Shakespeare and objects associated with him in a pop culture style.

Our students really enjoyed looking at Shakespeare in a different light and taking part in the different activites throughout the day.