Knowledge Organisers & Homework

Knowledge organisers are an inclusive teaching and learning tool that enable all pupils to access the content needed. At Orchards Academy, all departments have produced knowledge organisers that match the unit of study for all pupils at key stage 3. These knowledge organisers will contain three elements; core, facilitating and procedural knowledge.

The core knowledge is the key information that all pupils need to demonstrate to show mastery of that topic. The facilitating knowledge will challenge all pupils to go beyond the core knowledge, pushing their responses further. Procedural knowledge is the subject specific skill or skills that will be assessed that particular term, students are taught the skill as well as given opportunity to practice this skill so that they are able to flourish in their assessment.

Knowledge organisers form the basis of the homework set by teachers. Each pupils will be expected to learn the core knowledge section of the knowledge organisers. Each week there will be a test on google classrooms. 

These knowledge organisers will be; on the school website, on google classrooms and used in class to ensure maximum exposure to the specific knowledge pupils need to succeed.

Teachers may wish to supplement the use of knowledge organisers with additional homework.

Homework club runs every Thursday in the Library from 3pm-4pm