Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care

Department curriculum intent 

To provide a broad understanding of the Health and Social Care Sectors and how humans develop and the influences that effect this process.  A variety of approaches to learning are used, such role play and real-life scenarios to support and develop applied knowledge and understanding.

How is the intent implemented?

A transitional year within year 9 that explores the Health and Social Care sector and the services provided.  Human Development is studied to gain understanding of how life events can impact development. Case studies are used to understand skills and qualities needed for a career in this sector.  Students explore exam mastery linked to Health and Well Being.  Literacy and research skills are promoted to be equipped to complete written tasks in coursework.

.How is the impact of this implementation measured

Regular assessments with both verbal and written feedback given. AFL during lesson time.

Curriculum Design 

Year 9

The Health and Social Care Sector.

Year 10

Human lifespan Development. Care Values

Year 11

 Health and Well being.


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