Easter Egg Decorating Competition

The year 10 Events class arranged a whole-school Easter egg decorating competition before the school broke for the Easter holidays.

Pupils in the class came up with 4 categories for the competition, these were:

·         NHS

·         New beginnings

·         Bunnies

·         Something that makes me happy

Events pupils worked in teams of 3 to produce all the information and resources required to run the competition.  Students were allocated different year groups and then had to write an email to the Head of Year and Tutors detailing the event, create a PowerPoint which tutors showed in morning registration and produce posters to generate interest in the competition which could be displayed in the classrooms and corridors of the year groups’ bubble in the school.  Working around the logistical complications of Covid bubbles gave the pupils a first-hand understanding of how external factors can have an impact on Events.

Pupils were each given a 5cm wooden egg and in morning registration they were allocated time to decorate their egg in any way they wished in relation to their chosen category.  In form pupils voted for their winner in each category.  These winners received a prize and their decorated egg was entered into a whole-school final.  The 4 winners were anonymously judged by the Events class, the winning designs can be seen to the right of this article.

All the eggs entered into the whole-school competition are displayed in reception for pupils and visitors to see.