Provision for students for next week and Easter break

Dear Parents/ Carers

Thank you for advising us of the provision that you will need for your child until the end of term and over the Easter break. I have now put in place staffing that will meet the need identified and ensure that the risk to those working is kept to a minimum.

Please note that if your circumstances change and you have an unexpected need for provision we will not be able to accommodate this unless you notify us as a matter of urgency. 

As we will be open over the whole holiday, apart from the Easter weekend, we will be able to meet extra need but not without time to put in place revised staffing from those working from home who will be on call.

Please remember to visit our website for up to date information and contact us via the following email address:

if you wish to request provision that you have not already requested. 

​​As always we hope that you and your family remain well and send our best wishes 

Natalie Willbourn

Executive Headteacher