Sports Day

The school Sports Day took place on Monday 15th July. Students in all year groups competed against each other in many different activities to see which form group would be this years winners. 


All year groups competed in track events, Yr 7 & 8 then competed in a festival of sports event where the aim was to perform as many of the skills at each station as possible, whilst Yr 9 & 10 competed in both Football and Netball tournaments. 


The results were as follows:


  Yr 7  Yr 8 Yr 9  Yr 10 
1 st Maple  Willow  CWA  DW/CB 
2 nd Elm  Maple  HWE  GB 
3 rd Willow  Elm  JST  MW 
4 th Oak  Pine  CHA  JN 
5 th Pine  Oak