TKAT Games

The Orchards Academy Athletics team took part in the TKAT games on Tuesday 21st May at Lea Valley Athletics Centre.


All of our students performed well and several made it through to the finals of their event.


Standout performances included:


Year 7 boys 4 x 100m Relay - 3rd place, 

Year 8 boys 4 x 100m Relay - 4th place,

Connor Fairclough, Year 9 Javelin- 3rd place,
Lexie Johnson, Year 7 100m - 3rd place,
Tamzin Doody, Year 8 200m - 2nd place.
Two Orchards students managed to gain first place and receive a gold medal:
Fern Partington, Year 9 Girls Long Jump - 1st place,
Alex, Year 10 Boys 100m -1st place.
Well done to all who took part.
Mr Nicholson