Antarctic Talk

Mr Robert Roulston, a former student of the school who now works for the British Antarctic Survey, came in to speak to some Year 10 Geography and Science students about the Antarctic.

In the Antarctic talk we learned that there are 5 different research stations within the area:

Rothera Research Station

Halley VI Research Station

Bird Island Research Station

King Edward Point Research Station

Signy Research Station

Mr Roulston will be travelling in a few days to Halley VI Research Station where he said that he will be doing different researches around the area.

The Halley VI station is made up of 8 carriages which are all used for certain activities. For example in the middle of the carriage the red compartment is used for social activites such as a gym and a bar and the end compartment on the right are peoples bunks where they sleep.

We found out that there are more people there in the summer and less people around in the winter, this is due  to the dangers that could occur during the cold months.

Once every three months a boat will travel to the research station and provide all the staff with fresh food and the resources they need.

Mr Roulston said he will have to travel first to Cape Town and from there he will travel to the east of Antarctica. When he arrives he will be decontaminated to stop anything that could get to the station and after this has happened he will travel to Halley VI- it will take him around a week to arrive.

We enjoyed the talk and we benefitted from it as we learned many things that we did not know before and for Geography and Science students it extended our knowledge of Antarctica.

Thank you

Jess, Sian, Ellie, Louise and Katie-Marie (Year 10)