Science Visit to Canterbury Christ Church University

Fifteen year 9 students became Forensic Investigators for the day, investigating the case of a murder in the kitchen. The students identified the victim and then visited the scene of the crime.

At the crime scene they found blood splatters on the window blind, finger prints on the drinks bottles and a suspected murder weapon in the bin.  Further analysis of blood on clothing, enabled them to eliminate some of the suspects.

They learnt that even if you clean up a crime scene you still leave behind traces of blood that can be seen using LUMINOL. The rolling pin was confirmed as the murder weapon and the cleaned bin lid showed up blood stains with the Luminol.

They also examined the fingerprints left at the crime scene.

From all the evidence they identified the murderer.

Thank you to Mr White for driving us and sharing his experiences of life on campus at university and thank you to all students who took part in the day, they were outstanding and real ambassadors for Orchards Academy.

Mrs Miezis