Year 7 Rochester Trip

Last Thursday our year 7's braved the winds of storm Doris for a trip to Rochester as part of their KS3 History and Geography course.
The day started with a guided tour of Rochester Cathedral where our students became pilgrims making the arduous journey across England to the Cathedral. They learned of the mysterious death of Saint William and the mad woman of the woods who was cured at Rochester- all of this was done in a suitably medieval frock! 
Following the Cathedral we scaled the heights of Rochester Castle and examined why William the Conqueror needed huge stone castles to secure his control over England. The students had a glimpse into castle life in the Middle Ages and how royalty would have lived over 900 years ago. 
The trip was rounded off with a geographic tour of Rochester High Street where we set out to catalogue the types of shops to be found in an ancient English town. 
Mr Roche