Gardening Club

Join us every Thursday after school for Gardening Club- 3pm to 4pm.

Dig out your wellies and help us get our garden growing.

If you are interested speak to Mrs Copley in The Grove.


February 2020

The garden has been quiet since November, all the garden boxes need to be prepared for Spring and our new student head gardener, Patrick, will be overseeing this. He has already started to grow some new herbs in The Grove which are growing nicely on the window ledge while we wait for the frost to pass before planting them outside.

The thistles planted from seed from Kew Gardens are quite big now, these will be replanted in the concrete flower beds around the school as soon as the frosts have gone.

Mrs Copley

Gardening Club Update September 2019

The garden has grown over the summer and needs some time spent in it getting it ready for the change of season.
We picked runner beans, beetroot and lots of tomatoes and still have a thriving herb garden.
Our pumpkins are getting larger each day.
We need to pull up the weeds, clear the remnants of the summer flowers and vegetables and rake the beds so we can decide what to plant over the winter.
We always need more gardeners please to get the garden really going so please let me know if you have any time between 3pm and 4pm on any day to start digging!!
Mrs Heaver

Gardening Club Update July 2019


As we come to the end of term our garden is starting to share with us the fruits of our hard work.

The wild flowers and sunflowers have grown well and are spreading to create an abundance of summer colour.

We are now picking strawberries and hope to lift the new potatoes and sample the courgettes and onions before we break up.


The beetroot, tomatoes radish and rocket are a little behind, which we think was caused by the long period of rain which drowned everything followed by very hot sun which made the ground too hard, but we hope they will be ready in the next couple of weeks.


Our runner beans are climbing up the poles but are yet to flower and produce beans.

The herbs will improve each year but we have been pleased with how they have bedded in.

Next term we will be planting winter vegetables and bulbs for spring flowering.


I need some more students or staff  to help in the garden after school so if you are keen please speak to me.


Mrs Heaver

May 2019
The garden is starting to look good now. 
The flower bed has been filled with sunflower seedlings grown from seed and the bluebells are still giving us some much needed colour.
In one bed we have a herb area, strawberries and rhubarb which are growing well.
Bed 2 has early potatoes which are now visible and a late variety has also been planted in this bed we also have onions growing.
Bed 3 has runner beans which are starting to climb the cane wigwam we made and in this area we also have carrots and beetroot.
The Nurture group have just sewn some pumpkin seeds which we will plant out after half term along with some fast growing salad plants.
Mrs Heaver
Gardening Club Update for March
We have started potting our seeds in preparation for planting out and for now we are looking after them on the window sills in the Harvey Centre and tending daily.
At present we have potted up some sunflowers and some tomato plants, carrots and beetroot will be planted next week directly into the planters.
We are mindful of still having a few late frosts so we are being cautious!
Mrs Heaver
Gardening Club Update October 2018
The Gardening club has been a bit quiet since the summer but behind the scenes we have been busy!
We were lucky to receive donations from both Asda in Swanley and Tesco in Sidcup for our garden project and we now have 5 new raised beds.
The topsoil has arrived and once this is in place and a bark walkway laid between the beds we will be ready to start some winter planting.
This new design should make the garden more accessible in all weathers and easier for the students to maintain.