Computer Science





The curriculum aims to equip students with the disciplinary knowledge and understanding to prosper in a digital world. This includes digital literacy and office skills with key focus on employability skills. All students will be introduced to programming and office skills in accordance to this.  Students will also receive understanding of how E-safety plays a greater role in the lives of young people today. This includes instruction on the dangers of online activity and how young people can protect themselves when online. Finally, students will know how their data is used in a digital world through interactions with social networks and the use of the internet.  This substantive knowledge will be built on lessons which seek to constantly develop the literacy, numeracy and logical thinking required to prosper in a digital world. We endeavour to create passionate lifelong learners through the provision of an interesting and challenging scheme of learning which consistently strives to make appropriate links between theory and the students experience. While being embedded into day to day lessons, this will also be encouraged through the provision of extracurricular clubs and trips.

There is a huge range of resouces available to help students get to grips with computer science though we recommend the following: 
Craig n Dave (Videos which support the OCR GCSE course:
Sololearn (An app or web application which helps students learn to code):


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