The department aims to make pupils confident in the use of the French and Spanish languages.  This involves not only linguistic competence – with a focus on grammar and written or spoken accuracy - but also a thorough understanding of the different cultures of the French-speaking and Spanish-speaking worlds, as emphasized in the new MFL GCSE specifications.

At KS3, students learn about introducing themselves, describing their families and life at school, talking about where they live, their leisure activities and their holidays, while expressing opinions.


At KS4, students take the Edexcel French or Spanish GCSE and study the following topics, which are grouped under five different themes:

Theme: Identity and culture

Who am I?: relationships; when I was younger; what my friends and family are like;

what makes a good friend; interests; socialising with friends and family; role models

Daily life: customs and everyday life; food and drink; shopping; social media and

technology (use of, advantages and disadvantages)

Cultural life: celebrations and festivals; reading; music; sport; film and television


Theme: Local area, holiday and travel

Holidays: preferences; experiences; destinations

Travel and tourist transactions: travel and accommodation; asking for help and

dealing with problems; directions; eating out; shopping

Town, region and country: weather; places to see; things to do


Theme: School

What school is like: school types; school day; subjects; rules and pressures; celebrating


School activities: school trips; events and exchanges


Theme: Future aspirations, study and work

Using languages beyond the classroom: forming relationships; travel; employment

Ambitions: further study; volunteering; training

Work: jobs; careers and professions


Theme: International and global dimension

Bringing the world together: sports events; music events; campaigns and good causes

Environmental issues: being ‘green’; access to natural resources

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