Fusion Group

The Orchards Fusion group is an extra curricular activity for a specifically chosen group of year 7 & 8 students. It takes place every Thursday with a focus on cross curricular links. Students are challenged to develop their social, mental and physical well-being facing a variety or tasks. They will create a portfolio of all their endeavours as evidence.


Each week the group will face a task/activity that challenges them outside of their classroom environment. These tasks may include; Archery, First Aid, Team building, Finance, Cooking, Fundraising, Innovation, Art & Design, Problem Solving, Orienteering and many more.


The idea is that the students are encouraged to learn skills that they can put to use later on in life. It also offers them the opportunity to build social relationships, develop mental strength and increase their levels of competence and confidence not just inside school but in the local community as well.


Spring termThe last couple of sessions the Fusion group found themselves tasked with designing and creating a piece from clay. They learned how to wedge and mould as well as slip and score so that their models would last the 2000 degree kiln. The next steps are to glaze their models until they are the finished product more photos to follow. 



Winter term - this term the Fusion group have been completing many different challenges:
They have made their own lava lamps in Science and have also completed the roman fighting equipment challenge where they were tasked with making either a sword or shield from cardboard.
In the next few weeks they will be making clay tiles in Art and doing Maths based orienteering around the school site as well as an Easter egg hunt in Swanley Park. 

Autumn term- Tonight the group took on an aboriginal art challenge.

They were tasked to research examples of aboriginal art and the tools they used to create this art, they then had to create their own pieces using only cotton buds. The results are amazing- well done!