Working with Parents to Support the Curriculum


Working with parents to support the Curriculum.

Educational research shows that parental involvement in a child’s education affects students, parents and communities in a positive way.

Benefits for students:

• greater attainment and achievement:

• more positive attitudes and behaviour;

Benefits for parents:

• more confidence in and understanding of the school’s role;

• greater confidence in themselves as parents and in their ability to help their children learn at home;

Benefits for school and communities:

• improved communication, knowing parents can better understand and support their work;

• more support from families;

At Orchards Academy we work as a team with you and your children. Part of this work is helping you to understand what your child is studying in class and how to help your child at home. To support this we have up dated our website with termly plans for each subject on what your child is learning in class so that you can support at home. There are also study materials for helping your child work with exams.

One of the main things that you can do at home with your child is to practice basic skills.

In Maths these are making sure that your child knows their Times Tables and can recall numbers quickly. Look for the numeracy policy under policies on the website for more guidance on basic skills.

In English you can help by reading with your child each night. It is recommended that you read with your child for fifteen minutes each night. I know that this is a lot for parents to do with their children but if you can listen to your child read out loud for fifteen minutes each night this would support your child’s learning in class. When your child is reading help them when they stumble over words. Check that they understand some of the larger words that they read. Ask your child to summarise what they have just read to show understanding.
Your child will always have a reading book with them. In school we follow our in-house Guided Reading system which is held fortnightly in the Library and gives your child the opportunity to practice reading with understanding in a comfortable and calm environment. 

If you want to learn more about the GCSE area of the curriculum you can go to the Curriculum section on the website – subjects-curriculum area for KS4.