Charity Fundraising

Shoe Box Competition

At Orchards Academy, the Year 9 events class held an event for the forms around the school. This event was the shoe box competition which was for forms in Year 7 to Year 10. The Year 9 events class organised it all. The lead up to the event was getting all the shoeboxes people could find and design them, making people aware this was going to happen. We did this by putting posters around the school and having power points sent around to each form. We created all the posters, power points and the letters that were sent around about children in need for people to read from.

To be in the competition they would have to design a shoe box which would then be donated to Horizon Primary Academy. They contained food which the students provided when wearing their own clothes to support donations. The boxed food had to be Christmassy such as crisps, chocolate and special foods. Once the shoe boxes were finished and decorated, they were kindly donated to Horizon Primary Academy. They would then go to disadvantaged families around Swanley. We did this to give back to and help out the Swanley community.

The competition winners were;       

Best designed shoe box – 8 Oak.

Most original shoe box – 8 Pine.

Most Christmassy shoe box – 9 HHA.

Most luxurious shoe box – 7 Elm.

They were collected in on Thursday 21st November 2019 and judged on the following Friday so that it was fair for every form. In total we collected 52 shoe boxes which is amazing!

We thank all the students attending Orchards Academy for this. Our event team loved doing this as we love giving back to the community and as it is nearly Christmas we wanted everyone to have a smile on their face during this festive season.

Year 9 Events Operations student.

Children in Need

On Friday the 15th November 2019, Orchards Academy held an own clothes day for Children in Need. We had to pay 50p and hand in food for the shoe box competition. Year 9 students went around the school to collect everybody’s donations, whatever was made was then donated to Children in Need. Year 9 events class had set all of this up and worked super hard to try and make the day perfect. We wanted to do an own clothes day to raise money for Children in Need and we knew this would be a perfect idea as children like being in their own clothes.

The build up to the event was quite exciting, we all made posters and put them up all around the school to make people aware of the event. We had to go to the Head Teacher to ask if we were able to do the event first.

On the morning of the own clothes day all of the Year 9 Events class went round all of the forms in the school to collect their money. After we had collected the money we all sat down and counted the money. All together, we raised £230.45 and all of that money was donated to Children in Need.

All classes from Years 7-10 took part in the event as Year 11 couldn’t due to their GCSE mock exams.

This event and the shoe box competition were all partnered with Horizon Primary Academy.

On the day of the event we also went round the forms to give them pieces of writing to read from about Children in Need and how it first came about and all about Pudsey Bear and how he is the mascot for Children in Need.

Year 9 Events Operations student.


Our chosen charity is the

Second Chance Animal Rescue

They are based in Crockenhill, Kent and help any animal in need.

Students from Orchards Academy will help to raise money to help these animals by taking part in a variety of fund raising activities within school.


So far we have rasied an amazing £1,088.00