SEND Learning Support

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'

Nelson Mandela


Learning support covers a comprehensive range of needs. In addition to curriculum-based support, students are offered guidance and support in matters of a more social, emotional and behavioural nature.

Regular assessment takes place for those students who have been placed on the Special Educational Needs Register and receive additional support. This ensures that effectiveness of the interventions can be evaluated, students’ progress can be monitored and further or alternative interventions put in place, if necessary. The department regularly reviews the students on the SEND register. The department also assesses students on the SEND register who may be eligible for Special Arrangements in their GCSE and other Key Stage 4 examinations and applies for these, in conjunction with the school’s Examinations Officer. Members of the department act as scribes and readers in these examinations.

In practical terms students are supported within the class and on a withdrawal basis. Teaching assistants work with both students and teachers in order to help students achieve their full potential.

Learning Support at Orchards Academy is underpinned by the legal requirements and moral imperatives expressed in the SEN Code of Practice (2015), Children and families Act (2014), Equality Act (2010) and the Disabilities Discrimination Act (2005)