School Council

School Council meeting 10.05.17

The School council discussed the replies from the Kent Crime Commissioner and Swanley train station Manager regarding their safety and who they should report any incidents to. There was a discussion on lowering the speed limit in St Mary's Road to 20mph.

All were asked to look at a draft copy of the student handbook and to give feedback on anything else that they think would be helpful to new students so this can be added.

Mrs Willbourn spoke about Orchards Academy holding our own elections and issues that could be debated for this.


School Council meeting 21.03.17

The School Council discussed the results of the travel survey with Mrs Willbourn and were advised on the next steps the school is taking to make the road safer for students when they travel to and from school.

There was a discussion on the rewards system and the type of vouchers they would prefer to receive in recognition.

The School Council will be writing a letter to give to all the new year 7 students starting at Orchards Academy in September to make them feel welcome.


School Council Meeting 21.02.17

The School Council met with Mr Scott, the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, and had a very interesting time discussing the local area and how safe they feel in and around Swanley. There was also a discussion on a potential Police Cadet unit being set up in the future.

Mr Scott was very impressed with the questions asked and promised to follow up on these for students.

School Council Meeting 1st February


The School Council met and discussed the school travel plan survey, students will be asked to complete these over the next few weeks in tutor time. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st February when the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner will be attending the meeting.

School Council Meeting 11th January

School Council members met to discuss the new rewards system that has been set up in school and decided to write home to parents to advise of this and ask for their comments/ suggestions.


Surveys will be conducted by the School Council to find out how students travel to and from school.

School Council Meeting 1st December

On Thursday 1st December the school council met with the Headteacher. Members of the school council discussed the important topics that had been raised by the students in the school, these included the canteen, facilities and ways in which the student council can continue to spread the message of shared responsibility within the school. The school council will be coming into forms and assemblies to feedback in more detail on the meeting with the Head.



Nominated School Council:




Bradley Kelsey

Vice Chair


Rebecca Cove



Harriet Leplar

P.R Rep


Sonny Carey

Year 11 Representative


Sonny Carey and Bradley Kelsey

Year 10 Representative


Ben McCullough and Kelsey Lee

Year 9 Representative


Philip Williams and Rebecca Cove

Year 8 Representative


Calum Hawkes and Harriet Leplar

Year 7 Representative


Callum Howard and Fern Partington


Form Representatives

Year 7

7 Maple- Grace Martin and Lulian Trandafilovici

7 Willow- Libby Coe and Taylor Veasey

7 Oak - Tegan Law and Morgan Wallis

7 Elm - Fern Partington and Archie Gilbert

7 Birch - Kian Evans & Katie Robinson

7 Pine- Lauren Lynch and Callum Howard 


Year 8

8 Pine - Luke Yates

8 Elm- Jamie Speller and Shannah Doody

8 Birch - Daisy Cross and Matthew Bartlett

8 Willow - Saskia Hills and Liam Jerman

8 Maple- Phillip Reed and Georgia Taylor

8 Oak- Nicholas Tristam-Smith and Skye Harris


Year 9

9RW - George Bahadur and Millie Taylor

9DJ - Drew Halford and Olivia Lynch

9JF - Kye Kenndy and Jasmine Collins

9MH - Phillip Williams and Rosina Perfect


Year 10

10AF- Kelsey Lee and Sean Ellis

10FJ- Harvey Horton and Kealey Fraser

10RK - Nahima Meah and Ben McCullough

10TC- Esther Kambo and Liam Hinds


Year 11

11SN-Jackson Collins

11PVH -Bradley Kelsey

11AA -Sam Broom

11ABA -Megan Irving