School Council



Nominated School Council: 2017-2018


Chair- Lily Ann Shilling



Vice Chair- Alfie Hiseman Baker



Year 11 Representatives - Lily Ann Shilling and Alfie Hiseman Baker



Year 10 Representatives - Tia Edwards and Charlie Snow



Year 9 Representatives - Georgia Taylor and Bradley Booker



Year 8 Representatives - Micha Gordon and Taylor Veasey



Year 7 Representatives - Lily Rumbold and Leo Hayes




Form Representatives

Year 7

7 Maple- Freddie Shilling and Sophie Ellis

7 Willow- Sebastian Brailsford and Tamzin Doody

7 Oak - Melvie King and Mazie Chappell

7 Elm - Lilly Rumbold and Tyler Waters

7 Pine-  Leo Hayes and Danielle Knapp


Year 8

8 Pine - Tommy Dellow and Micha Gordon

8 Elm- Archie Gilbert and Fern Partington

8 Willow - April Casely and Taylor Veasey

8 Maple- Emma Pridmore and Jamie Pratten

8 Oak- Nathan Manwaring and Neve O'Grady


Year 9

9CMa - Bradley Booker

9GBy - Aliyyah Ibitoye and Harry Charles

9JNe - Kai Coates and Harvey Day

9ASo- Luke Yates and Matthew Bartlett

9NMa-Philip Reed and Georgia Taylor


Year 10

10CWa- Louis Playfoot and Charlie Snow

10DCo- Rebecca Cove

10SGi - Francesca Hadlow

10ABA- Tia Edwards and Jude Gregory


Year 11

11FJa- Victoria Adenuga and Karla Barnes

11RKi - Lily-Ann Shilling and Alfie Hiseman Baker

11SNi - Daniel Ogunniya

11CMi - Logan Heasman



The School Council met this morning and discussed the theme for our jubilee which is how education has changed through the decades. Students were paired up and given tasks to meet with the various Heads of Department to gather more information on how each subject has changed over this time span.


Mrs Willbourn introduced Mr Nancekievill, our Chair of Governors, to the School Council. Mr Nancekievill spoke to the students and advised his background and why he chose to become our Chair of Governors.

Mrs Willbourn asked the School Council for their suggestions on projects for the year and these were discussed and noted for action.

This year is Orchards Academy Golden Jubilee and we will be arranging an exhibition on education through the decades for this in the summer- the School Council and Prefects will be asked for their help and ideas for this.


The first full student council meeting was held this morning with Lily Ann Shilling being elected as Chair and Alfie Hiseman Baker elected as Vice Chair.

Mr Lazenby spoke about how the student council runs and asked all for thier ideas. Initial thoughts were for fundraising and student voice interviews as well as suggestions on improving different areas around the school.