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Tutor Representatives and School Council Elections 2020-21

On Wednesday 14th October tutor groups will be holding elections for this year's Tutor Representatives. There will be one male and one female representative per tutor group.
These 'Tutor Reps' are responsible for representing the student voice at School Council meetings, where decisions about various aspects of the school are made.
Mr White

TKAT Student Council Conference - Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

On Wednesday 26th February three of our Student Council students from a mixture of year groups attended the TKAT Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference. At the conference they visited a carousel of activities including topics such us resilience, confidence, leadership, physical & mental health and initiative.

Students have worked with Mrs Heaver and Mr White to apply the conference findings to the STRIVE curriculum, which already encompasses student wellbeing and mental health.
Student council have also been instrumental in the design and delivery of the whole school mental health questionnaire.