School Council



Nominated School Council: 2017-2018


Chair- To be elected at next meeting



Vice Chair- To be elected at next meeting



Secretary- To be elected at next meeting



P.R Rep- To be elected at next meeting



Year 11 Representatives - Lily Ann Shilling and Alfie Hiseman Baker



Year 10 Representatives - Tia Edwards and Charlie Snow



Year 9 Representatives - Georgia Taylor and Bradley Booker



Year 8 Representatives - Micha Gordon and Taylor Veasey



Year 7 Representatives - Lily Rumbold and Leo Hayes




Form Representatives

Year 7

7 Maple- Freddie Shilling and Sophie Ellis

7 Willow- Sebastian Brailsford and Tamzin Doody

7 Oak - Melvie King and Mazie Chappell

7 Elm - Lilly Rumbold and Tyler Waters

7 Pine-  Leo Hayes and Danielle Knapp


Year 8

8 Pine - Tommy Dellow and Micha Gordon

8 Elm- Archie Gilbert and Fern Partington

8 Willow - April Casely and Taylor Veasey

8 Maple- Emma Pridmore and Jamie Pratten

8 Oak- Nathan Manwaring and Neve O'Grady


Year 9

9CMa - Bradley Booker

9GBy - Aliyyah Ibitoye and Harry Charles

9JNe - Kai Coates and Harvey Day

9ASo- Luke Yates and Matthew Bartlett

9NMa-Philip Reed and Georgia Taylor


Year 10

10CWa- Louis Playfoot and Charlie Snow

10DCo- Rebecca Cove

10SGi - Francesca Hadlow

10ABA- Tia Edwards and Jude Gregory


Year 11

11FJa- Victoria Adenuga and Karla Barnes

11RKi - Lily-Ann Shilling and Alfie Hiseman Baker

11SNi - Daniel Ogunniya

11CMi - Logan Heasman