Name Date  
Access Arrangements for Exams policy November 2019 14th Nov 2019 Download
Admissions Policy 16th Oct 2020 Download
Allergy Policy 06th Apr 2020 Download
Anti-Bullying-Policy 04th Jan 2021 Download
Assessment and Reporting Policy 09th Feb 2021 Download
Attendance Policy 06th Oct 2020 Download
Behaviour for Learning Policy 23rd May 2020 Download
Careers and IAG Policy 01st Nov 2019 Download
Charging-Remissions-Policy 15th Sep 2020 Download
Complaints Policy Orchards Academy 14th Oct 2020 Download
Curriculum Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
Detention Policy 13th Jan 2020 Download
Exam Policy 2020-21 24th Nov 2020 Download
Exams Malpractice Policy 2020-21 25th Sep 2020 Download
Exams- Access Arrangements policy November 2020 05th Oct 2020 Download
Exams- Appeals against internal assessment of work for external qualifications 05th Nov 2020 Download
Exams- BTEC Malpractice Policy 25th Sep 2020 Download
Exams- Controlled Assessment Policy 2020-21 (1) 16th Nov 2020 Download
Exams- Distance and Blended Learning Policy - 2020-21 06th Nov 2020 Download
Exams- Word Processor Policy 2019-20 14th Nov 2019 Download
Exams- Word Processor Policy 2020-21 05th Oct 2020 Download
External Trips and Visits 30th Nov 2020 Download
First Aid Arrangements 05th Jul 2019 Download
GDPR Privacy Notice for Schools and KCC 20th Nov 2019 Download
Home-School Agreement 17th Sep 2020 Download
Homework policy 2020-21 02nd Sep 2020 Download
Marking Policy 01st Oct 2020 Download
Mental Health Policy Orchards Academy.docx (1) 17th Dec 2020 Download
Numeracy Policy November 2020 06th Nov 2020 Download
Online Safety Policy 06th Nov 2020 Download
ORCHARDS TKAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy updated for September 2020 updated Jan 2021 28th Jan 2021 Download
Orchards Equality Policy non staff - TKAT Academies including Orchards Academy Accessibility Plan 05th Nov 2020 Download
Physical Activity Policy 01st Dec 2020 Download
Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism policy 10th Jun 2019 Download
Provider Access Policy 16th Sep 2020 Download
PSHE (SMSC) Policy 23rd Feb 2021 Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 27th Nov 2020 Download
School Visitors Policy and Procedures 09th Sep 2020 Download
SEND Local Offer Orchards Academy 2020-21 30th Nov 2020 Download
SEND Policy Orchards Academy 27th Nov 2020 Download
Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs in Schools policy 10th Sep 2020 Download
Uniform Guide and PE Kit 03rd Apr 2019 Download
Unnacceptable behaviour policy 14th Oct 2020 Download
Whistleblowing Policy- TKAT 15th Sep 2020 Download
Whole School Food Policy 14th Oct 2020 Download
Work Experience Policy 2020-21 09th Sep 2020 Download
Work Related Learning Policy 01st Nov 2019 Download